Z a r e t t a  T K (Crown)

(165cm 16.1hh)

Age B x Nykle 309 

Bred by Tashkent Friesian in NSW, Zaretta is the first and only 'Australian bred' Crown mare.


During her show career 2011/2013 Zaretta was unbeaten in the show ring in both led mare, overall Friesian Champion and under saddle.

Zaretta won four times at Royal level at the Toowoomba and Brisbane Royals and has also won Supreme at Show twice.  She was the 2013 Victorian Keuring Champion when she became Provisional Crown.  Four years later ater at the 2017 Keuring  she passed her IBOP test and became full Crown.  

Zaretta's first offspring Poppe fan Regal became Star at the 2019 Keuring.

A beautiful mare who passes her wonderful temperament and movement to her offspring

DOB: 18 January  2007

Mare Line: 148 (GENERATIE 8)

Hydrocephalus:  Free

Dwarfism:  Free

Chestnut gene: E/E (homozygous black)

IBOP: 2 April 2013  77.5


Poppe fan Regal 2nd Premie Ster

2019 Keuring

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