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N I M E E S H A 


N i  m  e  e  s  h  a


(160cm 15.3hh)

Age B x Gradus 356

Friesian BB1 Stb Star Mare

DOB: 12 December 2012

Mare Line: 043 (GENERATIE 10)

Kinship: 17.1

Hydrocephalus:  Negative

Dwarfism:  Positive

Chestnut gene: Negative


Iris Meike (IMP) Stb Star


Age B

Age B is Australia's first “Ster” Stallion. He was imported in September 2004. He is the son of the majestic Heinse 354 (now dec) who was in his Dutch days hampion dressage and champion harness, with rider and driver Sybren Minkema.

Nimeesha is a very elegant and pretty mare who became star at the 2017 Victorian Keuring.  She has a very sweet and gentle nature, and is easy to do anything with.


Lars fan Regal

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