Based in central Victoria Regal Park and owned and managed by Johanne Appleby and partner Christopher Watson.

Regal Park currently has 29 horses and young stock.

Our love for the Friesian breed started in 2009 with the purchase of Wallbrook Gwenevere  our foundation mare from the Wallbrook Friesian Stud in Tasmania.  Gwen was quickly followed by Zaretta TK from the Tashkent stud in NSW who went onto become Australia's first and only home grown Crown mare.  Our herd quickly grew from there.   It also grew to include some truly beautiful Oldenburg Warmbloods whose connection with the Friesian breed drew us into them.  If the sheer physical beauty and amazing temperament of the Friesian won us over, then the sheer beauty and athletic ability of the Oldenburg with its Friesian connections won us again.

Chris's interest in the Thoroughbred breed has blossomed into a boutique breeding operation which has been incorporated into the stud and saw its first offspring in 2018 season with some exciting breed combinations coming through in 2019.


Our aim is to breed quality horses, with emphasis on temperament and ability.  


We believe that without a willing, steady and confident temperament no horse will ever reach its physical potential, be it a successful dressage, show or racehorse.


Our horses live as naturally as possible and are all well socialized members of a herd. 

Our stallion has never been isolated and has always lived with other horses ensuring he

develops as a happy and contented member of the herd which is passed on through his offspring.

This is our philosophy.

As a further commitment to the Friesian breed Johanne became a board member of the Australian Friesian Horse  Society in 2018.



Molesworth, Victoria 3717

Ph: 0406 271 779

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