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Vanya 17112022.jpg

Vanya fan Regal

DOB 14th October 2022

KFPS Registered BB1 Filly

Inbreeding (calculated within five generations): 1.37%

Inbreeding (calculated within six generations):  2.69%

Reg No: to be confirmed

Out of KFPS Star mare Nimeesha by KFPS approved stallion Teun 505.

Vanya is the half-sibling of Lars fan Regal.  Tragically Vanya was born at the height of the 2022 Victorian floods. Her dam Nimeesha foaled early due to the stress and died from complications shortly after Vanya was born.  The story of Vanya's survival is a miraculous one and is testament to her strength and courage.  Luckily we found a mare who lost her foal that same morning and the two of them bonded instantly.  

Vanya is a quality filly with a wonderful temperament and lots of character.  She certainly was our inspiration during the 2022 floods and became and inspiration to many other people affected with this disaster.


Dam  Nimeesha


(160cm 15.3hh)

Friesian BB1 Stb Star Mare

​DOB: 12 December 2012

Mare Line: 043 (GENERATIE 10)

Kinship: 17.1

​Hydrocephalus:  Negative, Dwarfism:  Positive, Chestnut gene: Negative

Nimeesha is a very elegant and pretty mare who became star at the 2017 Victorian Keuring.  She has a very sweet and gentle nature, and is easy to do anything with.

Teun 505-DRAC20L03854.JPG

Sire Teun 505


DOB: 13 April 2014

Height: 16.5m

Stam Line: 50

Hydrocephalus:  Free, Dwarfism:  Free, Chestnut gene: Negative E/E (homozygous black)

Stallion test results: Under saddle 83.5 Driving 83.5 Show Driving 85.5 

Champion of Younger stallions 2021

Reserve Champion of Younger stallions 2022

Teun 505 is expected to enhance model, movement technique, mentality, and trainability in breeding. Because of his all-round profile, he can be widely used in the mare population.  

The 2018-approved Teun 505 (Bartele 472) can boast a pedigree to lick your fingers. Descending from the successful Namke line of pedigree 50 with the triple Preferent Setske F. (Feitse 293) for a granddam, this novice brings a wealth of potential quality.  

During the Central Examination Teun 505 proved to be a multitalented horse with high scores for the riding test (83,5), driving test (83,5) as well as for show driving (85,5). According to his assessment report he is a stallion with a fine model, great breed expression and abundant feathers. Longlined with very good movement technique and flexion in the joints. A stallion with an extraordinarily good canter. In show driving he displays lots of ‘go’ and moves with great technique in an uphill frame.
According to Harrie Draaijer, Head of the Stallion Inspection Committee, Teun 505 is expected to enhance model, movement technique, mentality and trainability in breeding. Because of his all-round profile he can be widely used in the mare population.

Stallion test results:

Under Saddle – Walk 6.50  Trot 7.50  Canter 8.00 Posture/Balance 8.00  Elasticity  7.50  Transitions 8.00  Impulse  8.00  Total 83.50

Driving (dressage) – Walk  7.00  Trot 8.00  Posture/Balance  8.00  Elasticity  7.50  Transitions  7.50  Impulse  7.50  Total 83.50

Show Driving – Trot expression front leg  8.00  Trot Expression rear leg  8.00  Trot Suspension  7.50  Posture 8.00  Front 7.50  Elasticity  7.50  Impulse  7.50  Total 85.50

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