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BB1 foal out of India Rose van Gelder by Teade fan Regal
Due  end Dec 2018 expressions of interest 

Days To Go ! Estimated Foaling

26th Dec & 10th Jan

India Rose van Gelder
Teade fan Regal - Studbook Stallion

Maiden mare India Rose van Gelder (BB1 Friesian mare born 14th October 2010) has been bred to our own studbook stallion 'Teade fan Regal' 


India is probably one of the smartest horses in the herd. Quite and friendly in nature, just a pleasure to deal with. ​

India has tested negative to the dwarfism, hydrocephalus and chestnut gene.

India is out of imported mare Cindy V (Studbook mare with a third premie
(Stb Ster / Stb Ster / Stb Ster / KFPS Stb Model / Stb Ster, Stam 015)

by Imported stallion Foalbook Ster stallion Hilwert L Sport predicate
(Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Model + Preferent / Stb Ster)
Stam 001 (the oldest mare line)

Teade fan Regal is a KFPS registered studbook stallion imported in utero out of our Crown mare Samme L van Stal Linde (Stb Kroon mare twice Belgian National Champion (Minse 384 x Bonne 341)

Teade has tested negative for Dwarfism, Hydrocephalus and the chestnut gene.  

Teade's sire Aarnold was selected as he has a low affinity percentage: 16.7%, which is very interesting. This is partly due to the unrelated Jacob 302 in his dam line. The pursuit of blood spread will be explicitly put into practice. Aarnold comes from a very strong predicate rich maternal line, his mother is star, after that two star / pref mares and a model / pref mare follow.

Teade  has a fine pedigree, which fits many mares, he is free from the common blood of Jasper and Feitse.



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