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7/8ths Friesian foal out of Wallbrook Gwenevere by Teade fan Regal

 Due early Dec 2018 expressions of interest taken
Wallbrook Gwenevere 3/4 Friesian Warmblood
Teade Fan Regal Studbook Friesian Stallion

Gwen is our foundation mare, the alpha of our herd. She has the sweetest temperament, a real show horse and the most fun to ride. 3/4 Friesian Warmblood bred by Wallbrook Stud 2004.  Gwen is very much the Friesian type, black year round. 

She has produced a beautiful filly for us and she proved and excellent mother.  We look forward to her future offspring.

Teade fan Regal is our main studbook stallion out of Crown mare Samme L van Stal Linde. Imported in utero 2013. Sired by approved sport stallion Aarnold 471. Teade is a very sweet stallion with a great personality.   A very social horse, Teade has been paddocked with other horses since birth even during breeding season which is testament to his great temperament. This is his first year at stud so we are very eager to see what he produces.

This foal will be 7/8th's Friesian so we expect it to be very much the Friesian type.


Days To Go ! Estimated Foaling

26th Dec & 10th Jan

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