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S A M M E  L  V A N  S T A L  L I N D E  x  B A S T I A A N  5 1 0


Foal due early December 2019

(Bastiaan 510 x Mintse 384)

expressions of interest being taken, enquire here

S a m m e  L  v a n  S t a l  L i n d e

Samme  is an imported Crown mare.


Samme was twice Belgium National Champion, she is one ster offspring away from being preferent. A


talented sport horse she achieved 78.5% in her IBOP. Her motherline is Ster Pref Prest/Ster/Ster

For more information on Samme click here 

B a s t i a a n  5 1 0

On 28th March 2019 Bastiaan 510 (formerly Braggo S) became the first Licenced KFPS stallion registered in Australia in the studbook register, Bastiaan is the first approved son of Jisse 433 Bastiaan has twice won Equitana 'Horse of the Year'  2014 and 2016.  His mother line is Ster Pref 7, Model Pref 7, Ster Pref 6. His ABFP scores were 81.5 ridden and 77 driven.  He has wonderful talent under saddle having achieved Sport Eliste Predicate and competing at EA level dressage in Medium

If you are looking for a horse with presence and talent this combination  will produce it!

foal out of Samme L van Stal Linde by Bastiaan 510

due early December 2019 Expressions of interest being taken

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