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Henrii fan Regal

Born 26th December 2018

BB2 Colt

out of India Rose van Gelder

by Teade fan Regal


India Rose van Gelder

is a BB1 Friesian mare born

14th October 2010

Dwarfism: Free

Hydrocephalus: Free

Chestnut gene: Negative E/E (homozygous black)

India is probably one of the smartest horses in the herd. Quite and friendly in nature, just a pleasure to deal with. 

Her dam 'Cindy V.' is by legendary stallion Jasper 366 who was Champion stallion at the Stallion Show in 2002 Jasper 366SP has been competing at Prix St. George Level Dressage with Peter Spahn Jasper 366SP has been approved on offspring

Studbook mare with a third premie
(Stb Ster / Stb Ster / Stb Ster / KFPS Stb Model / Stb Ster)
Stam 015
Cindy was Imported from Holland with her daughter “Robyn Van Gelder”
Height: 162 cm / 15.3 3/4 hands (officially measured at the Keuring in 2004)

India's sire is 

Hilwert L. (Nanning 374 X Ludse 305)

Foalbook Ster stallion with a Sport predicate
(Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Ster + Preferent / Stb Model + Preferent / Stb Ster)
Stam 001 (the oldest mare line)
Imported from Holland via stal Hermes
Height: 170 cm / 16.3 hands (officially measured at the Keuring in 2009)


Teade fan Regal

KFPS Registered Foalbook Stallion

Registered No. 201403134

Imported In utero 

Date of Birth: 11th June 2014

Mare Line  - 040 (generatie 9)

Dam: Samme L van Stal Linde (Stb Kroon) (Wither height 168cm)

Sire: Aarnold 471 (Stb Sport) (Wither height: 170cm)

Hydrocephalus - Free

Dwarfism  - Free

Chestnut Factor - Free

Teade has a wonderful temperament. He is easy to handle and able to perform live cover without fuss.

All his offspring to date have inherited this

warm and friendly character.



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